• Blackwater River State Park

    Blackwater River State Park is considered one of the purest sandbottom rivers in the world, the Blackwater River is in its natural state for almost its entire length. The parts that we have been on is shallow and great for kayaking and canoeing. Great place to bring the kids, there alot of sandy spots to stop and swim. Beginning 45 miles upstream in Alabama, it continues downstream for 13 miles before emptying into Blackwater Bay. The river's sand bottom, dark tannin waters and contrasting large, white sandbars have drawn worldwide attention and provide the perfect setting for this 590- acre state park.

    In the Muscogee language Oka-lusa (water black) Most of the river/stream flows through undeveloped lands of the Blackwater State Forest and Blackwater River State Park. The water becomes tinited with tannins from leaves oand roots of the shoreline vegetation. The water is mostly transparent or brown when seen in the shallow waters or on the sand bars in the river.

  • Amenities/Features

    • Rv camping
    • Canoe / Kayak Launch
    • Picnic Pavilion
    • Interpretive Exhibit
    • Pets
    -Pets are allowed in most areas of the park. However, pets are not allowed in park buildings.
    • Shower Station
    • Tent Camping

    • Bicycling
    • Birding
    • Paddling/Tubing
    • Swimming
    • Fishing
    • Geo-Seeking
    • Hiking
    • Picnicking
    • Wildlife Viewing
  • Address/Location

    Blackwater RiverState Park
    7720 Deaton Bridge Rd
    Milton FL 32564
    Office Phone: 850-983-5363
    Website: Blackwater River State Park