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Florida Trail Guide
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Panhandle West Florida's Greenways and Trails

Blackwater Heritage Trail State Park
This is the westernmost rail trail in the state, extending from the small community of Milton in the south to Whiting Field Naval Air Station (NAS) in the north.

Blackwater River Canoe Trail
Located in the middle of Florida’s Western Highlands, this 31-mile canoe trail flows through the Blackwater River State Forest.

Blackwater River State Forest – Jackson Red Ground Trail
The Blackwater River State Forest offers a natural retreat set amidst the beautiful rolling hills of northwest Florida.

Blackwater River State Forest – Juniper Creek Trail
The trail is particularly inviting in spring when wild azalea, Florida anise, and mountain laurel bring beautiful blooms of color. At its southern end, it meets the Blackwater River, considered to be one of the purest sand-bottom rivers in the world.

Blackwater River State Forest – Wiregrass Trail
The forest is characterized by its many streams, including the namesake Blackwater River, that flow gently south as they make their way to the Gulf of Mexico.

Chipola River Canoe Trail
This trail begins at Florida Caverns State Park, where you can explore the intriguing network of caves and formations made by droplets of mineral water.

Coldwater Creek Canoe Trail
Located in the Panhandle, Coldwater Creek flows through the Blackwater River State Forest. Because it is spring-fed, the shallow water is always pleasantly cool.

Econfina Creek Canoe Trail
This trail is an unusually beautiful, swift-flowing creek. High limestone walls and sand bluffs, lush vegetation, and abundant wildlife characterize this remote creek. The upper section is narrow with tight curves and several fastwater chutes. The lower section is spring-fed and slower.

Holmes Creek Canoe Trail
This trail flows through a variety of Panhandle habitats. The upper and lower portions pass high sandy banks while the majority of the trial is through low-lying swamplands.

Shoal River Canoe Trail
Twisting and turning through a remote part of the western Panhandle, the Shoal River trail covers 27 miles. Few indications of civilization are evident as you paddle through forests of maple, oak, gum, and cypress. Along the trail, creeks broaden into small lily-covered pools that provide excellent fishing.

Sweetwater/Juniper Creeks Canoe Trail
These creeks twist through the Blackwater River State Forest. The upper Sweetwater Creek portion is narrow, winding and fairly swift.

Yellow River Canoe Trail
Look for turtles sunning on logs over the water, or the large, long-legged wading birds such as the great egret as it stands motionless in the shallow water.