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Silver Springs, FL

The springs, in a semitropical wooded setting, form an oblong pool, elongate east, 135 ft long and 80 ft wide. The springs are the headwaters of Juniper Creek, which meanders to Lake George in the St. Johns River basin, about 10 mi NE. The pool is enclosed by a rock and concrete retaining wall in which is a controlled outlet at the north-east edge of the pool. The bottom of the pool is mostly sandy, and according to

Ferguson and others (1947), inflow to the pool is from three cavities in the pool bottom. The maximum water depths over the floors of the cavities were 16.1, 16.6 and 17.8 ft on April 4, 1946. Other than over the cavities, the average depth of the pool at that time was about 12 ft. On April 28, 1972, water depth graded irregularly from about 4 ft at the west end of the pool to about 20 ft at the east end. From the pool, water flows east through a short flume that provides a head drop of about 5 ft to turn an undershot water wheel. At one time the water wheel operated an electric generator that produced power for the buildings and grounds of the Juniper Springs Recreational Area. Although the wheel is still turned by the flow from the spring pool, the small rustic plant building to which the wheel is attached has been converted to a visitors center for the recreational area. The spring water is clean and clear and its dissolved solids concentration is low compared with most Florida springs.

Contact Information
Juniper Springs Rec Area
26701 EAST HWY 40

Phone: (352)625-0546

Getting There
Juniper Springs is in Juniper Springs Recreational Area in the Ocala National Forest 28 mi E. of Ocala. Drive 28 mi E. from U.S. Hwy 441 in Ocala on U.S. Hwy 40, turn north at the Juniper Springs Recreational Area sign, go 0.2 mi to the entrance gate, continue 0.2 mi (keeping to the left) to the Juniper Springs parking lot; the springs are about 350 ft down a path to the northwest.

Operating Hours

8am – 8pm during summer; 8am – 6pm off-season

Camping, swimming, canoeing, hiking, museum.


Reservations must be made at least 4 days in advance. Tax included in fees. 2 night minimum stay on weekends 3 night minimum stay on holiday weekends The campground gate is closed and locked from 8:00 PM to 8:00 AM. If arriving after 8:OO PM, you must call ahead at (352)625-3147 prior to 6:00 PM. Camp sites must be occupied first night. Maximum of 5 persons and 2 vehicles per site. Extra vehicles must park in overflow/overnight parking area at $10.00 per vehicle, per night. Check out time is 1:00 PM. Visitors who stay beyond this time will be charged another days fee. No refund for inclement weather. No ATV's or off road vehicles may be operated within the campground. CAUTION: Bears/Raccoons frequent the area. All foods must be kept in containers. Only half the sites at this complex are reservable and there may be sites still available on a first-come, first-served basis. Only one campsite may be rented at a time using the Golden Age/Access Card for the Discount Price.

General Rules for the National Forests and Corps of Engineers Lakes


If you are staying at a campground, you must camp only in those places specifically provided or marked.All vehicles, RVs, and trailers must be parked on your campsite or driveway. Driving or parking off road is not permitted.Quiet hours are between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. Please be considerate of others. Camping longer than 14 consecutive days is generally not allowed. At Corps of Engineers campsites only, camping at one or more campsites at any one water resource project (lake) for a period longer than 14 days during any 30-consecutive day period is prohibited. The number of camping units per campsite varies and is set locally.


Help prevent pollution by keeping garbage, litter, and foreign substances out of lakes, streams, and other waters. All garbage and litter must either be deposited in containers provided, or taken with you when you leave.


Obey any restrictions on fires. Fires may be limited or prohibited at certain times. Within campgrounds and other recreation areas, fires may only be built in fire rings, stoves, grills, or fireplaces provided for that purpose. Be sure your fire is completely extinguished before leaving. Do not leave your fire unattended. You are responsible for keeping fires under control.

Vehicle Operation
Drivers must obey all traffic signs and operate their vehicles in accordance with posted regulations, and applicable Federal, State and local laws. Vehicles must be parked in designated areas only. Use of vehicles within campgrounds and other recreation areas is limited to entering or leaving those areas.

Pets and Animals

Pets must be restrained or on a leash at all times while in developed recreation areas. Pets (except guide dogs) are not allowed in swimming areas or sanitary facilities. Saddle or pack animals are only allowed where authorized by posted instructions.


Use of fireworks or other explosives within campgrounds and other recreation areas is prohibited.

Public Property

Preserve and protect your National Forests and Corps of Engineers Lake areas. Leave natural areas the way you find them. Do not carve, chop, cut and damage any live trees.